Programme theme

Creative Intersections - a video from the Australia Council for the Arts.

The 5th World Summit’s theme is Creative Intersections -  bringing together government and cultural leaders from over 80 countries to explore how artists can give voice to diverse communities and concerns through collaborations with experts in health and well-being, the environment, education, business, new technologies, cultural identity and more.

Arts and creativity are integral to our lives, to who we are as individuals and to how we engage with the world.  More broadly, culture, creativity and the creative industries are integral to the health, cohesion and sustainability of our communities and of our society as a whole.  They can play a critical role in the renewal, revival, revitalisation and transformation of a place or community.  The cultural, social and economic benefits of the arts impact on our development as individuals and as communities. 

Issues such as changing geopolitical influences; enormous structural inequities in the distribution of and access to resources between developing and developed countries; climate change and environmental sustainability; increasingly sophisticated information and communication technologies; and a constantly evolving cultural diversity, are all powerful drivers in influencing the strategic, policy and funding frameworks for arts councils, cultural agencies and governments around the world.

The challenge for us all is how we engage with these issues with a sense of urgency, a commitment to flexibility and risk, and strong vision for the future.

The theme also highlights Australia’s strong reputation as a leader in successfully building collaborations between the arts and other sectors of our society.